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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  December 23, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] --you are watching wba he wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00. critics a man is dead after a please-involved shooting. -- >> a man is dead after a police-involved shooting. >> within the hour, police have identified the suspect in the shooting. it all happened right behind me at this gas station. things appear to be back to
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normal compared to earlier this morning. the officer resorted to shooting the armed suspect out of self- defense. baltimore county police say the officer on patrol spotted a suspicious man behind the service station just before 4:00 on sunday morning. >> he approached a man and asked him to step out from behind the business. the man refused and displayed a knife. >> authorities say the officer attempted to use his taser, but it was not effective. >> the man continued to walk toward the officer with a knife. fearing for his safety, the officer discharges weapon. >> the suspect was taken to the hospital with a single gunshot wound where he was later pronounced dead. police say it is not clear why the man was behind the service station. that is part of the ongoing investigation. the condition of the officer is
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not known at this time. we do know the officer has been placed on routine leave pending the outcome of the investigation, which is typical for these kinds of cases. >> city police are working to identify the body found in the inner harbor. a passer-by discovered the body floating in the harbor along pratt street this morning. detectives are awaiting an autopsy to determine the cause of death. three baltimore county police officers being hailed as heroes after pulling in and from a burning truck. investigators say the man was driving saturday morning when he lost control and hit a light pole. we are told the truck and ignited but officers were able to rescue the man before it burst into flames. there is no word on his condition or the cause. the debate over gun control
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leaguers after the tragedy in connecticut. it is the latest chapter in the long struggle of the right to bear arms. each side is getting ready for a fight. >> capitol hill has seen this fight before. this time, school safety is a big part of the argument. in his first interview after the connecticut shooting tragedy, the n.r.a. chief was defined. >> a gun is a tool. the problem is the criminal. >> the powerful gun lobby and its allies insist gun laws are not the answer. they want more guns in the hands of good guys. >> if it is crazy to call for putting police and armed security hours will to protect our children, call me crazy. >> people resist having weapons on airplanes. it is a deterrent. >> they will have to wait for the new congress to get settled in.
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the debate is already under way. >> trying to prevent shootings without talking about guns is like trying to prevent lung cancer without talking about cigarettes. >> this problem runs deep and wide. >> gun owners are voting with their wallets, buying weapons while they still can. >> i do not think it is over the long time to protect yourself and exercise your second amendment rights. >> 30 miles away from the connecticut shooting scene, gun owners were surrendering their arms for cash. it is one of the number of programs around the country. this event netted 64 firms. organizers say that is not a disappointment. it is a start. he insists the n.r.a. is as influential as ever and predicts a backlash against lawmakers that try to ban guns. >> the current battle in
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washington has to do with the fiscal cliff. two senior senators took to the airwaves today to discuss what happens next. democrat chuck schumer and suggested republicans needed to work on a partisan solution and accept the reality of tax increases. republican senator lindsey graham says he does not expect a big deal until the next round of debt ceiling talks. >> our republican colleagues, by refusing to go along with revenues, are risking the fiscal cliff. >> there will not be a big deal. the chance for a big deal is with the debt ceiling. that is one of will have leverage to turn the country around. >> president obama urged congress to get a deal done when they returned from christmas break. president obama was among the dignitaries that attended the
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memorial service for the senator. the world war ii was the first japanese-american elected to both houses of congress, serving hawaii for 50 years. he died of respiratory complications last monday. he was 88 years old. former president bush is still in stable condition in a houston hospital. the 88-year-old former president has been hospitalized since november undergoing treatment for bronchitis. doctors are opportunistic he will make a full recovery. they said today he still needs to build up strength before they can release him. no discharge date has been set . >> it looks like the weather will be active as we head into the holiday week. just a few scattered clouds right now. when we turn the corner toward christmas, that will change.
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it is dry right now at the airport. there is a chance we could see light rain or snow during the day on monday, christmas eve. it should be drawn on christmas day. a bigger storm on wednesday and thursday. we have a lot to talk about in the forecast. we will do that momentarily. >> many spent the day doing last-minute shopping. we caught up with some procrastinators. the poll released by consumer reports found 132 million people had not finished their shopping. 26 million have not even begun. many stores will be late -- open late on christmas eve to accommodate them. the pope who smoke. people in aoke to number of language encouraging
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them to seek silas and meditation and wished the faithful a happy and gracious christmas. >> i wish you and your families a wholly and peaceful christmas. >> the pope offered a blessing to those gathered. he will hold midnight mass tomorrow and deliver his traditional christmas message to the world on tuesday. still ahead on the revenues, millions on the road and in the air. -- still ahead on 11 news, millions on the road and in the air. residents are cleaning up from damaging storms. >> we have a couple storms
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>> millions are on the move this sunday before christmas. here it is gabe. >> from new york to washington to chicago -- >> it has turned out to be a nightmare. >> starting mid-week, a massive storm hit much of the country dumping more than a foot of snow in some places. within 1700 flights were cancelled. >> i got a late 24 hours. >> this was my bed. >> on saturday, a high wind delayed flights for two hours in washington and new york. syracuse is still digging out. air travel is slowly getting easier. on thursday, there were more than 1100 cancelled flights in the u.s. on friday, that dropped to 600. by saturday, just more than 100.
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a few of the remaining problems were on the west coast where another storm system brought rain and snow. in the higher elevations, they struggled along highway 80. >> it is going to be worth it. >> before the 84 million expected to travel by car, the news. gas prices are down 20 cents in one month. for some families this christmas, there is even better news. she saw her daughter for the first time in nine months. >> we have been waiting and waiting. we were worried about the weather. everything worked out. we're glad to have her home. >> for them and so many others, home for the holidays never sounded so good. >> according to aaa, nearly 2 million marylanders will travel
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50 miles or more for the holidays. a holiday tradition for people in denver is coming to an end. for 50 years, he has attracted millions with his desk and christmas display. this year, it reaches 70 feet high and contains about 150,000 lights. he started out with one strand. he says he is getting old and it is time to hang up the lights. somebody will take over. >> nobody gets mad if he leaves them up over the summer. speaking of travel weather, i will look around the country in case people are getting out of town. nothing is going on but the gain you may be watching downtown. clear to partly cloudy, 37 at the airport. stay tuned. the we
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>> high wind toppled trees in upstate new york on saturday. a tree fell across the roof. professionals and had to bring in heavy-duty equipment to clean it up. contractors expect to complete the repairs in time for christmas. >> the good news is they are
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telling us we will be able to celebrate christmas. that is what we have done as long as i have been alive. >> is hard to believe that will happen, but working hard. our wind died down today. >> today was not bad. it was a nice winter day. next week, things will get active again. let's start with the travel weather. a lot of people will be getting out of town. let's take a look at the big cities around the country. if you are going to new york, there might be rain in the afternoon. that is the same system that will affect us tomorrow. atlanta is a big hug. that could be causing some problems. tampa has sunshine at 71. chicago could have some flight delays with a high temperature of around 34 degrees. at home, clear to partly cloudy
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skies. the weather is quiet. the air is dry. 37 at the airport. we should be back in the upper 20's and low 30's and run the city. tomorrow, things will go down hill. it depends on how you look at it. some people want some christmas snow. we might come up with something for you. this system will affect us tomorrow. there is another one in the pacific northwest that will affect us on wednesday-thursday. that is probably the stronger one. the one tomorrow is fairly weak. this storm will follow the yellow arrow into maryland. it will have some moisture but not a lot. a lot of the cold air will be locked up in the great lakes and ohio valley so it will not have a lot of cold air to work with. there is not a lot of
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precipitation with it. it will travel in our direction. some of you may get some snow starting tomorrow afternoon into christmas eve. it is not the kind of snow that would cause trouble problems. temperatures will be above freezing. it will not be a big deal. from baltimore north and west, maybe a dusting tomorrow evening into tomorrow night. in western maryland, may be 1 inch, a little bit more in the mountains. this will not be a big deal. clear to partly cloudy tonight. cold and dry. tomorrow, increasing clouds. we will see the mix of rain and snow developed in the afternoon or evening. most of it will be like. temperatures will be above freezing. -- most of it will be light.
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it will be nice to get some snow on christmas eve. christmas day, clouds in the morning. it will clear up in the afternoon with the high near 44. the next storm comes in on wednesday. it will start out as rain and change to snow late wednesday night or early thursday morning. another storm with a mix on saturday. >> the ravens hope to bounce back after three straight losses. we will update you in their match up against the giants of the debris. another rival gets the playoff spot.
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>> this is 11 sports.
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>> the ravens are hosting the new york giants. the dean is in progress. we cannot show you the highlights. the ravens are leading the giants in the third quarter 24- 7. flacco is scorching the defense. we will have complete highlights tonight. >> the list of six teams heading to the playoffs has been set. the pittsburgh steelers will not be joining in onhe fund. they were eliminated today courtesy of the cincinnati bengals. the score stayed tied at 10-10 for much of the game. it looked destined for overtime. with 24 seconds left, the bengals capitalized. they needed one last pass to set up the game-winning field goal. cincinnati wins and will take on the ravens next sunday. the redskins taking on the
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eagles today in philadelphia. the question for washington was whether the rookie sensation will be on the field after missing last week's game. rg3 led them to their sixth consecutive wins. the redskins win 27-20 and now control their own destiny in the race for the nfc east. stay with us. more on the forecast we return.
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>> let's take one more look at the forecast. tomorrow we will see the light rain and snow. there could be minor accumulation in some neighborhoods. temperatures will be above freezing. christmas day will be dry and 44. a bigger storm comes in wednesday night and early thursday morning. another one on saturday with a mix of rain and snow. this will be an active week. we will be talking a lot next week. >> we wi
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>> this is a wbal-tv editorial. >> we think of our loved ones sacrificing their lives for our liberty and pursuit of happiness. we take our regularly scheduled editorial time to share greetings from those in the military to their families in maryland. they will also be available on happy holidays. >> i am stationed at the airbase. i want to wish my family and friends happy holidays. >> i am wishing happy holidays to my folks in annapolis, maryland take care and enjoy.
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>> i am in northern afghanistan. i would like to say happy holidays and merry christmas to my lovely wife and my son in baltimore, maryland. i love you and will see you soon. merry christmas. >> i would like to give a shout out to my mother. i love you and miss you. see you soon. keep s
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